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A journey of discovery through Italy's vineyards starts here. Navigating couldn't be easier. Just click on the Italian regions that interest you and the tour begins. As you travel through the vineyards of Italy, you'll discover wines you probably never imagined existed.Italy has a history of wine-making that dates back nearly 3,000 years. In fact, grapevines have been cultivated in Italy since the second millennium BC, when Italians came into contact with people from Crete...
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In the following pages, our Master Sommelier Andrea has summed up some useful practical advice on how to conserve, chose, and serve the wine. This advice may seem somewhat banal to the experts, but if it's useful to at least some of our readers then we're more than happy.
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How well do you know Italian wine? Do you consider yourself to be an expert?The following is a small quiz, which tests your knowledge. Of course this is not a thorough test, but it can give you an idea as to how well you’re familiar with Italian enology.
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Welcome to our page dedicated to the beauty of Italy! On this page, realized in collaboration with our partner Discoveritalia, you'll find several tours, each of them is designed to guide you through parts of Italy that are often off the beaten track, where you'll discover a wide range of attractions including the natural beauty of the landscape, artistic splendours...
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