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Wineshop.it is the Italian market leader in Internet wine sales. It was the idea of a group of Italian friends, professionals in the wine industry for many years. Their shared passion for wine, particularly Italian wine, led to the formation in 1999 of the company WINESHOP.IT S.r.l., which is based in Ponteranica (Bergamo). The company's aim is to give people who are passionate about Italian wine the chance to get to know, appreciate and buy quality Italian wines that would otherwise be difficult to find. 100% of the shares of the company are still owned by the founders whose choices are completely independent and based exclusively on quality.

Wineshop.it strives to be an essential point of reference in the world for people who appreciate Italian wines. Although Italy has wine-making traditions that go back centuries, it was only after the Second World War that Italian wine made a great leap forward, particularly as far as quality is concerned. The Italian wine-making industry is made up of hundreds of small companies. Although many of these are perhaps unknown to the general public, their owners show an astonishing level of dedication to cultivation, traditional wine-making techniques and, above all, quality. These are companies that produce wines of absolute excellence, but whose fame rarely travels beyond the borders of their region, small companies that invest exclusively in quality and so lack the means to market their wines.

Wineshop.it aims to bring the reality of the Italian wine industry to the world's attention, and to give these "craftsmen of wine" the chance to have their work recognised by an increasingly large public. The experts at Wineshop.it travel Italy in search of excellence. Before a wine enters our catalogue it undergoes rigorous tasting tests and only wines that pass these procedures are stocked. As you can imagine, for some of our wine-makers the number of bottles available for sale each year is somewhat limited. This is why you may occasionally find some wines out of stock, in which case we recommend that you book ahead.

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