Media reviews

  • April 3, 2020 - attachment "Sette" in Corriere della Sera
    Gabriele Principato in an article entitled "ITALIANS, YES, STAY HOME, WINE ARRIVES AT HOME" says about "Not far the growth detected by, the oldest Italian wine shop online: active since 1999. Specialized in local wines and small producers - offered at competitive prices - it has recorded a 60% increase in orders. "They have returned to buy customers who have not been active for years", they explain from the platform, "and many are new buyers all with over 12 bottles per order ""
  • March 24, 2020 -
    Giovanni Puglisi in an article entitled "Wine: the 16 best sites to buy it online" says about "By far the first wine e-commerce in Italy, it has been operating since 1999! The site is not affected by age, lean and easy to consult, equipped with the right number of filters, properly arranged to allow the finding of the desired type of wine with agility ... A great point in favor of Wineshop is however the cost: often, thanks to the direct and privileged relationship with producers built over time, this e-commerce manages to go out to the customer almost at the cellar price. Attention is also paid to shipments, free of charge from € 99, which are made using shockproof and heat insulating EPS packaging."
  • March 14, 2020 - Corriere della
    Gabriele Principato in an article entitled "Buying wine online, the 15 sites to know to drink well (and save)" says about "This is the first ecommerce site dedicated to wine opened in Italy. Since 1999 Andrea Gaetano Gatti's creature offers labels of the most important Italian names, including some niche bottles sold exclusively."
  • March 13, 2020 - Gambero
    An article by Gambero Rosso entitled "13 sites where to buy wines online" says about "The first bottle sold online in Italy has passed through here; in fact, we are talking about what is the the first wine e-commerce site in Italy, born in 1999 and a precursor of the sector's success. Andrea Gaetano Gatti, electronic engineer with the passion for wine, owes the opening of this sales channel, truly innovative for the era. Right from the start the choice to focus only on Italian wines: the assortment ranges among the most important Italian names, without neglecting the areas that are slowly coming to the fore. The list includes well known wineries alongside with some craftsman, sold exclusively. Thanks to long business relationships with many companies from the beginning, it is not difficult to find many references at cellar prices. Agile and clear site, with detailed product sheets.
  • October 24, 2019 - L'ACQUABUONA
    A nice article titled "Vendere vino in rete, parliamone con chi lo fa da vent’anni" (Selling wine on the web, let's talk with those who have been doing it for twenty years) features an interview with our Managing Director Andrea Gaetano Gatti. Click here to view the article.
  • September 9, 2019 - BERGAMONEWS
    The online newspaper BERGAMONEWS takes up the article by Luca Stroppa "Perché al varo di una nave si rompe una bottiglia di vino" (Why at the launch of a ship we break a bottle of wine) recently published on our Blog. Click here to view the article.
  • December 7, 2018 - IL GIORNALE
    In a short article entitled " The wine e-boutique" Andrea Cuomo says about "It is almost twenty years old and is the oldest e-commerce site of Italy: Over the years it has been enriched, but it has never become the Amazon of wine by the choice of the founder and sole director Andrea Gaetano Gatti, who in 1999 gave up the job of manager for his passion. You will not find everything, for sale only wines from small cellars, good value for money and wines that Gatti love."
  • July 16, 2018 - BERGAMONEWS
    A nice article titled "Il vino? Si compra anche in internet: “Con Wineshop faccio bere bene i bergamaschi”" (Wine? You can buy it also in internet: “With Wineshop I make Bergamaschi drink well”) features an interview with our Managing Director Andrea Gaetano Gatti. Click here to view the article.
  • January 3, 2018 - IL GIORNALE DI VICENZA
    In a short article entitled "The best sites to buy wine online" Alberto Tonello says about "It is perhaps the first online site born in Italy, very well supplied, free shipment throughout Italy over 99 euros."
  • March 20, 2016 - LA STAMPA
    An article about the market of Barbera, quotes among the online wine shops that sell this wine.
  • April 2, 2015 - GIORNALE DI BRESCIA
    An article titled "Il mercato del vino scopre il web" (The wine market discovers the web), quotes among the best online wine shops.
  • December 2014 - CLASS magazine
    In an article dedicated to wine investments, by Elena Correggia, is mentioned in first place among the online wine shops.
  • November 22, 2014 - IL RESTO DEL CARLINO newspaper
    An interesting article, by Roberta Bezzi, titled "Comprare on line" (Buy on line) features as a good source for quality Italian wines. Click here to view the article.
  • October 2014 - BUSINESS PEOPLE magazine
    A fine article by Christian Benna titled "UNIVERSO DIvino" (Divine Universe) quotes highlighting the new trend of online shopping. Click here to view the article.
  • March 13, 2014 - TRE BICCHIERI weekly newspaper from Gambero Rosso
    An interesting article titled "Vino on line. A che punto è l'Italia?" (Wine online. At what point is Italy?) features an interview with our Managing Director Andrea Gaetano Gatti. Click here to view the article.
  • December 2013 - GAMBERO ROSSO magazine
    "CLICK IT'S XMAS, WINE SHOPS, WEB PORTALS WHERE TO FIND THE GLASSES OF BARGAINS - is a well-organized site, with simple graphics, and proposals (over 300 labels) from almost all [editor's note: all, without almost] Italian regions, a small selection of spirits and fine wine accessories ... fast shipments ranging from 24 hours to 72 for the smaller islands. Gifts and Club section with discounts and benefits for affiliates."
  • June 2013 - VQ VITE, VINO & QUALITA' magazine
    An interesting article by Maria Luisa Doldi titled "E-commerce: per tutti?" (E-commerce: for everyone?) features an interview with our Managing Director Andrea Gaetano Gatti: "It was 1999 when Andrea Gaetano Gatti and a couple of friends gave birth to what is now the Italian experience of e-commerce with more years behind. Certainly a pioneering idea ... after 14 years is still firmly on the market ..."
  • April 18, 2013 - LA RASSEGNA weekly economic newspaper
    An interesting article titled "Le imprese al passo col web" (Companies in step with the web) features as the best example of wine e-commerce site. Click here to view the article.
  • November 2011 - Il Mio Vino magazine
    An interesting article titled "L'arte di vendere vino in un mondo che cambia" (The art of selling wine in a changing world) features an interview with our Managing Director Andrea Gaetano Gatti. Click here to download the article.
  • July 13, 2011 - TRE BICCHIERI daily newspaper from Gambero Rosso
    An article titled "World Wine Web, Italia batte Francia" (World Wine Web, Italy beat France) quotes the international ranking of online wine shops with in the fourth position. Click here to view the article.
  • April 9, 2011 at 3:30 pm - at RADIO 24 Il Sole 24 Ore
    Enrico Pagliarini interviews our Managing Director Andrea Gaetano Gatti during the Radio Broadcast "2024", Click here to listen to the interview.
  • January 16th, 2011 - L'ECO DI BERGAMO
    "ON-LINE WINE SALES UP - After a 2009 marked by recession, the year that ended has been characterized by a slight recovery in consumer spending. In this uncertain context, the first Italian site to sell wine on-line (based in Ponteranica and established in 1999) has continued to grow and in December pulled the best performance since the foundation. This was stated with satisfaction by Andrea Gaetano Gatti, inventor and administrator"
  • January 15th, 2011 - ITALIA OGGI
    "WINESHOP.IT, THE ONLINE WINE SHOP, HAS WON THE BEST PERFORMANCE EVER IN THE MONTH OF DECEMBER 2010. To say this is Andrea Gaetano Gatti, director of srl." In an uncertain situation in consumption, records a double-digit sales growth" says Gatti. Founded in 1999, pays particular attention to small producers with an excellent value for money."
  • January 2011 - IMPRESA & STATO Magazine
    In an interesting article titled "Regole spontanee per una realtà economica che evolve" (Spontaneous rules for an economic reality that evolves) Isabella Fantigrossi interviews our Managing Director Andrea Gaetano Gatti. Click here to download the article.
  • November 2010 - CLASS magazine
    "SHOPPING STREETS ARE ON-LINE ... here are the best addresses to give yourself a whim buying with confidence ... When it comes to wine, however, the address to click is The numbers, which make it the industry leader, convert it in a reliable reference and a mine of surprises. In the gifts section, for example, you can find these days a bottle of Ora da Re 1932, a rare wine, forgotten for half a century in oak casks in a walled cellar of Mazzaronello in Sicily."
  • November 2010 - AREA magazine
    A nice article by P. Corsini and P. G. Paglia titled "Ora da Re: un vino ... mostruoso!" (Ora da Re: a monstrous wine!) describes the tasting of the vintage 1932 Ora da Re wine sold exclusively at
  • May 21st, 2010 - Corriere della Sera
    A nice article by Massimo Sideri tells the personal story of our founder and Managing Director Andrea Gaetano Gatti. Click here to download the article.
  • February 2010 - DE VINIS - Official House Organ of the Italian Sommelier Association
    An interesting article by Lorenzo Simoncelli regarding wine e-commerce features an interview with our Managing Director Andrea Gaetano Gatti.
  • February 4, 2010 at 7:30 pm - presented by Radioblu
    Luca Farina interviews our Managing Director Andrea Gaetano Gatti during the Radio Broadcast "Happy Hour", click here to listen to the interview
  • January 29th - February 4th, 2010 - AGRISOLE Il Sole 24 Ore weekly magazine
    "NEW WEB SITES SPECIALIZED IN SMALL CELLARS - is the pioneer of this new sales frontier, and it has even created a club reserved for its faithful customers ..."
  • December 2009 - IL VINO magazine
    "WWW.WINESHOP.IT - Since 1999 is Italy’s leading online wine merchant. Their commitments are to have the lowest prices, thanks to the relationship that they maintain with their suppliers, a full availability of products, thanks to the real-time management of their warehouse, a fast delivery (orders are shipped via express courier the first working day after arrival). Registration to the club is free of charge ..."
  • September 21, 2009 at 8:00 pm - presented by Radioblu
    Luca Farina interviews our Managing Director Andrea Gaetano Gatti during the Radio Broadcast "Happy Hour", click here to listen to the interview
  • June 15, 2009 - Corriere Vinicolo
    An interesting report regarding wine e-commerce features an interview with our Managing Director Andrea Gaetano Gatti.
  • March 2009 - AFFARI DI GOLA magazine
    "WINE? UNCORK IT WITH A CLICK - THE COMPANY - WINESHOP.IT: ONE OF THE FIRST ITALIAN WEB SITES IS LOCATED AT PONTERANICA - At Bergamo there is someone who in the e-commerce bet has believed since long time: Andrea Gaetano Gatti, one of the first in Italy to start selling wine online. His company, established in 1999, is one of the first and most visited Italian e-commerce sites ..."
  • December 2008 - "How to live like an Italian - A User's Guide to La Dolce Vita" book published by Portico Books London
    "How to shop for good Italian wines? ... If you are looking for something really different though, that you might not find in supermarkets or high-street wine retailers, then visit these websites: ..."
  • October 2008 - Paspartu Magazine
    An interesting article by Gianluca Domenici titled "Sembra una favola, è un'Ora de Re" (Looks like a fairy tale, it is Ora da Re) tells the story of the 1932 Ora da Re sold exclusively at Click here to download the article.
  • September 2008 - EMILIA ROMAGNA magazine
    "WINE ON THE WEB ... there are numerous sites, from the classic e-bay – which sells everything, and hence wine too ... right up to specialised websites like ..."
  • June 2008 - CLUB3 magazine - Periodici San Paolo
    "Shopping via computer - Where to click -, on line wine sale, with special offers and a map of Italy to discover the oenological regions of the peninsula ..."
  • January 2008 - "SHOPPING ON-LINE - in Italia e nel resto del mondo, dal lusso sfrenato al superscontato" book published by Editoriale Shopping Italia
    " - Since 1999 Italy’s leading online wine retailer with great products availability at the lowest prices ... Italy" target="_blank">Click here to download the article.
  • October 2007 - "WWW WHAT WOMEN WANT I migliori siti per lo shopping online" book published by Oscar Mondadori
    " is the Italian leader in Internet wine sales. Thanks to the close relationship that they maintain with their suppliers they are able to offer the best prices ..."
  • June 2007 - "OCCASIONI ON LINE - guida ai siti che garantiscono risparmio, qualità e sicurezza" book published by Sperling & Kupfer
    " ... Italian wine for all fans of a good glass. Every product undergoes rigorous tasting tests before been listed in the wine shop, where it is careful described, specially with reference to producer, food matching, conservation and service ... GIFT section is well made too ... Savings: approximately 20-30% ..."
  • March 2007 - Class
    "GUIDE TO THE NEW INTERNET - TOP 200 COOLEST WEBSITES - ALL THE RIGHT ADDRESSES TO GET THE BEST FROM INTERNET - - The right address for special wines. To purchase a good wine you just need to input the name of the wine you are looking for into the search engine or follow the suggestions given by the website. Each product comes with a detailed description, including the producer history and useful advices on how to serve, keep and match the wine."
  • November 2006 - "VINO Manuale del Sommelier" book by Enoteca Italiana di Siena
    "... e-commerce is becoming more and more important in the wine business, and it has already overcome telephone sales ..."
    As an example of a wine e-commerce site the book shows an image of homepage.
  • September 2006 - "ITALY the no.1 magazine for lovers of all things italian" UK magazine
    "WONDERFULL WINES ON THE WEB ... is the Italian market leader in Internet wine sales (according to an independent report by the Politecnico di Milano). The company, based in Bergamo, was started in 1999 by Andrea Gaetano Gatti and stocks some 300 wines. The web site receives more than 3000 visits per day. The selection of wines on offer is impressive and comprehensive, with good examples from small producers as well as some of the big names of Italian wine represented and from all twenty of Italy's regions. This is an excellent web site that is at once easy to use as well as fully informative, with well-translated English text in addition to Italian ..."
  • April 2006 - VIGNEVINI magazine
    "WINE DISTRIBUTION DOSSIER ... born in 1999 thanks to Andrea Gaetano Gatti, wine expert, not only is one of the oldest wine sites, but also one of the top sites for sales volume. It is also one of the few that continues to grow despite the wine crisis ..."
  • January-February 2006 - BIBENDA magazine
    "THE NEW INTERNET BORDERLINES FOR WINE - NOT JUST E-COMMERCE ... Up till now Wineshop is the only real succesful example of wine e-commerce in Italy. This success is due to the careful selection of wines and the quality of service offered ..."
  • October 19, 2005 - OGGI
    "ONE CLICK, AND WINE ARRIVES HOME Here is a selection of the best wine e-commerce sites: offers a wide range of labels ..."
  • October 14, 2005 - Il Mondo
    "WHEN DOC LABEL IS CHOSEN ONLINE ... With harvest time we are talking again of wines. Wines that can be easily purchased online. Nice reproductions of famous paintings welcome the visitors to, one of the first Italian wine e-commerce sites, together with the commitment of low prices and fast delivery (certified by To find the desired wine you can use the inetrnal search engine or the interactive map of Italy, while you can test your knowledge of the Italian wine with the Vino Test ( is online since 1999 and it is one of the most visited Italian wine e-commerce sites. The evidence of the quality of's offer is given by the long list of awards and acknowledgements received, among these the last eContent Award Italy ( ..."
  • September 2005 - Il Mio Vino magazine
    "THE BOTTLES OF THE WEB ... Andrea Gaetano Gatti has been one of the first in Italy to sell wine online, from his site A business started in 1999 and turned into a success story thanks to the special attention paid to every detail. Starting from the site, which is always updated in order to avoid the annoying inconvenience of ordering wines that are not actually available ..."
  • April 2005 - Helsingin Sanomat (Finland's leading national newspaper)
    An article about wine quotes
  • March 2005 - Computer Idea magazine
    "BACCHUS... AND HIS BROTHERS - Wine, wine and more wine: DOCG, DOC, IGT any kind of bottle you should be looking for, try to make a search inside In this site you can find your favourite wine thanks to a guided search that subdivides the "Gods drink" by type, region, vine and producer. Corkscrews, recipe books and grappas in special boxes complete the Wineshop offer for possible gift ideas. And if you become definitely fond of these pages, you will just need to subscribe to the club to benefit from discounts and prizes."
  • February 2005 - Explora magazine
    "CHOOSING A GOOD BOTTLE - Old and new, commercial and unfindable wines, now you can choose and order them online. For all tastes and wallets, thanks to a database based on type, producer and appellation."
  • December 2004 - shown on Finnish television was presented during the program "Verkkoyhteys" ("Netconnection") aired December 8th and 9th, at 18:40 and 23:40, on channel 1 of the YLE Finnish television
  • November 2004 - Computer Week magazine
    "Lets fill up with good wine - All Italian - Despite the name, this site is more than a shop. Apart from being able to purchase wines from all the Italian regions, you can have free access to several informative sections devoted to the world of wine ..."
  • October 2004 - PC PRATICO magazine
    "The web wine shop - Let's tell the truth: what best than sitting at the table, chatting and eating with friends, together with a good glass of wine? You can find a good selection of labels, to be bought exclusively online, at the renewed, one of the reference sites for wine lovers. Among the new features there is the completely automated stock management. Moreover the sites automatically suggests to customers the new vintage of a wine when the old is over. Also the management of the interesting site newsletter has been improved."
  • September 2004 - Computer Week magazine
    "For wine lovers: has completely renewed its web site. The company is the leader in Italy for Internet wine sales and has been evaluated by Databank as the best example of European wine e-commerce ... Editorial staff evaluation: excellent"
  • September 2004 - "Business to Consumer a misura di cliente" book published by FRANCOANGELI
    "... has been very successful thanks also to the services it offers: orders carefully packed using strong cases that protect bottles during shipping; credit card charged only when customer receives goods (this is possible thanks to the order online tracking). Even if this choice implies a slight increase in costs, decided to follow this procedure since customers consider it a guarantee, and it encourages the purchase process ..."
  • February 2004 - PMI@business magazine
    "Wine online with - ... "The finest European example of wine e-commerce. This is the judgement expressed by Databank of the site, the company from Bergamo specialized in the sales of wine on the Internet ..."
  • January 15, 2004 - attachment @lfa from Sole 24 Ore
    "The shops are empty but the internet sites are full - ... the weight of the .com has increased. This data is visible from a sample taken from the Politecnico of Milano which groups the top players in the most influential sectors of the Christmas sales ... Wineshop ..."
  • December 2003 - Viaggi e Sapori Magazine
    "E-commerce: the Christmas basket is on line - ... Wineshop for all those who love Italian wine, with labels from small producers ..."
  • December 2003 - Il Mio Vino magazine
    "... is the Italian leader as far as sales of wine on the Internet is concerned and it has been conferred with the prestigious Web Trader certificate of the Italian association AltroConsumo. Besides purchasing wine from every Italian region on the site, from the most to the least well-known, you can take advantage of extremely convenient offers, with free delivery in Italy and special prizes in the section Introduce a friend and toast to their health! ..."
  • November 20, 2003 – attachment "Panorama Web" to Panorama
    "Special Christmas issue ... At the list of wines is worthy of the best restaurant cellars in the world. You want some examples? A bottle of Lacryma Christi, D.O.C. made of grapes picked at the foot of the Vesuvius (10,67 euro), or a Cannellino di Frascati, ideal for dessert and produced by Casale Mattia, which is characterized by its delicate fragrance and pleasant sweet flavour (8,56 euro). You can pay online on this internet site with all major credit cards, through the safe Banca Sella system, or with a mobile phone throught the MobileMat service. ..."
  • October 22, 2003 at 10:15 pm - at RAI Radio Due
    Our Managing Director Andrea Gaetano Gatti is again hosted by the National Radio Broadcast "Decanter" on RAI Radio Due
  • October 6, 2003 at 9:00 pm - at RAI Radio Due
    Federico Quaranta and Inutile Tinto interview our Managing Director Andrea Gaetano Gatti during the National Radio Broadcast "Decanter" on RAI Radio Due
  • July 28, 2003 - Il Corriere Vinicolo
    In an interesting survey about wine e-commerce logistics Nicolò Regazzoni interviews our Managing Director Andrea Gaetano Gatti
  • April 2003 - Enotria Magazine
    In the last issue of the Enotria magazine, presented during the Vinitaly fair in Verona, Guido Montaldo has interviewed our Managing Director Andrea Gaetano Gatti regarding quality-wine distribution strategies.
  • December 2002 - Viaggi e Sapori Magazine
    "Christmas presents arrive via Internet - ... a vast selection of wines able to satisfy the most refined connoisseurs ..."
  • November 2002 - Bravacasa Magazine
    “Shopping with a click – – a virtual consultation site: a group of enologists select wines from small not very well-known Italian companies for their clients. Besides giving the consumer advice on their purchase, there is also a Wineshop expert available who advises food and drink itineraries. Those who wish to know more about a certain wine may do so, by clicking on the chosen label and read the chart where all the necessary information is listed. Delivery is carried out all over the world and it is free of charge in Italy for those who buy six bottles of the same wine. Credit Card payment.”
  • October 28, 2002 - Il Giornale di Vicenza
    "Virtual tasting of real wines ... to purchase wine online ..."
  • October 2002 - Internet News Magazine
    " – A certification from AltroConsumo, the well-known customer information magazine, is an excellent business card. This internet site, with its clear and essential graphics, can show this on its home page, embellished by antique paintings which are in theme with the wine and which can also be downloaded as a screensaver. This is one of the many intelligent interactive services offered by this site. Those who know what they want may use the direct research, while those who aren’t so sure can opt for a virtual enological tour of the Italian regions. The catalogue offers almost 300 great wine labels selected by professional sommeliers that have chosen to give particular attention to small producers of great quality. The wine charts, which are very detailed, are rich in advice on how to match, how to conserve and serve the wine. There is also a part dedicated to what glass to use for every wine. The site offers many hints for those who love wine, with historical news, proposed by itineraries which go hand in hand with the pleasures of art and taste. There is also a test to see how well you do with enological knowledge. The online window also collects stories and photos sent by customers. There are also promotional sales, menus with wine matching which change every month and discounts for Wineshop members. Minimum purchase is 6 bottles of wine but they can be different. In case of 6 bottles of the same wine, shipping and handling (in the appropriate packing) is free of charge in Italy, otherwise it varies according to the quantity and the country of destination. The expenses are separately calculated automatically so that they can be checked before order confirmation. It’s also possible to check the state of delivery by using online tracking on the sites of the delivery partners."
  • August 2002 - Viaggi e Sapori Magazine
    In a nice article titled "L'amore per il vino comincia a trent'anni" (Love for wine starts at thirty years old) Giulia Sala interviews our Managing Director Andrea Gaetano Gatti
  • July 2002 - SKYLines (Austrian Airlines inflight magazine)
    "BEST OF INTERNET - WINE - Sciacchetrà und Cinque-Terre-Weine im Internet"
  • April 11, 2002 - RAISAT Gambero Rosso Channel was presented on the broadcast “Bollito Misto” which airs on the Gambero Rosso Channel on Raisat
  • April 3, 2002 - attachment "Donna in cucina" from "Donna Moderna" magazine
    An article about wine quotes
  • January 2002 - WineLoversPage.com¹
    " specializes in high quality wines from Italy, especially those made by smaller maker. The site features a marvelous geographic tour of Italian wine, region by region, zone by zone. Clicking on the interactive map is great fun, and almost certain to teach you something about Italy and its wine. The fact cards for the various wines are nicely done with a great deal of information. In Italian, English and German. Highly recommended."

    ¹ the oldest, largest and most popular independent wine-appreciation site on the World Wide Web
  • December 28, 2001 - Handelsblatt (German Financial newspaper)
    "PIKANTES PAAR - Dessert wines complete the sweet. But sweet wine is also suitable with spicy cheese, to create a subtle match…. Every region in Italy has first rate quality dessert wines… The print on the labels go from the Dolomites in Alto Adige to the most Southern islands, Pantelleria, where the Passito di Pantelleria, is produced; a honey colored wine with an addition of alcohol ..."
  • December 14, 2001 - Il Mondo
    "E BUSINESS TRAVELS IN THE SITES DEDICATED TO THE CULTURE OF GOOD WINES - ... (, is a site which presents a well-stocked wine-cellar and it constitutes a real point of reference on the internet for wine lovers. The graphic is simple and very helpful when surfing and the wines can be found through a search engine which combines four different criteria: the type, the producer, the vineyard, and the region of production ..."
  • December 2001 - Ulisse (Alitalia inflight magazine)
    "ITALIAN WINES - Find about Italian wines through and its virtual guided tour of Italy's wine-producing regions and areas. Double-click ricerca diretta for direct access to each of hundreds of labels featured. The section Non solo vino presents some typical gastronomic delights from the various regions, with particular attention focused on high-quality produce. The Menu del mese or monthly menu produced jointly with is devoted to cooking and features recipes where wine plays a leading role not only in accompanying the dishes but also occasionally in their preparation. Wines can also be bought online and there is a monthly bargain sale featuring certain labels at special prices."
  • Novembre 2001 - MEDIA WORLD Magazine
    "The taste of gifts online – Your favorite stores on the net for delicious wine and food gifts which you can chose directly from your computer - – a virtual wine shop, which proposes the best Italian wines and personalized gift wraps"
  • November 2001 - Jack Magazine
    "White, rosé and reds: the web cellar - – The internal search engine allows you to search region by region, area by area and therefore discovering all the wine products in Italy ..."
  • November 11, 2001 - VIVIMILANO (Corriere della Sera)
    "WINESHOP.IT This wine shop was born with the scope of promoting and developing the sales of many small producers from all Italy, known locally for their quality and traditional tecniques, but perhaps unknown to the general public. Recipes and greedy month tours."
  • October 23, 2001 - Corriere della Sera
    "DEDICATED TO ALL SOMMELIERS At the address you can find a site entirely dedicated to the culture of wine, the charts are carefully written by expert sommeliers, furthermore you will find a virtual tour of wine in Italy and wine and food itineraries, menus, images and online sales."
  • October 12, 2001 - Il Mondo - Wine for presents - While thinking of Christmas ahead of time, has launched its gift service. Hundreds of labels from all over the Italian region are available. Its partner TNT delivers to the clients and the suppliers on national territory and in all countries in the European Union. The procedure is fast and simple."
  • September 24, 2001 - Milano Finanza
    "BEST OF THE WEB - WINESHOP.IT - - Discovering the old tradition of Italian wine. The aim of the founders of is to offer a vast array of the best wine products selected from every region, so that wine lovers can savor the different flavors which the peninsula offers. After registering the consumer can purchase various bottles (six-piece minimum) which will be delivered within a few days. Credit card payment will be charged only after delivery. However not only wine. It is also possible to chose among a selection of typical products, such as liquors, balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Moreover the site also gives the consumer ideas on food and wine itineraries and proposes a myriad of recipes in order to match the right dish with the right wine."
  • September 24, 2001 - Il Sole 24 Ore Nordovest
    "... an Internet site dedicated entirely to Italian quality wine . A real virtual cellar in three versions – Italian, English and German – the web site has been active since November 1999 and it has been classified as the best online Italian wine shop by some magazines in the sector. It is also present on the main search engines and Italian and foreign portals..."
  • June 25, 2001 - weekly magazine
    "... Wine on-line ... Wineshop: ..."
  • June 2001 - Mark Up Magazine
    " – A very interesting site, not only for the number and the type of products, but for its clear and simple approach even for the neophyte. You can register to the site in order to obtain advantages and information. The graphic is excessively essential but it facilitates the search."
  • June 2001 - Internet Magazine
    "... Site Lab, compared site: Eat Eat Hurrah ... the wine files are edited by Wineshop ( a contribution of great quality ..."
  • April 2001 – " Comprare su Internet" book published by Il Sole 24 Ore
    "... - Quality wines from small Italian producers, but still unknown to the public ..."
  • February 2001 - "1000 Best Pages Weinhandel im Internet" book published by Arcum Vectrum
    "... - When you purchase a wine you find yourself on a discovery journey of the beautiful Italian viticultural areas. Let them show you the particularity of the diverse regions and the extraordinary grapes! ..."
  • February 2001 - Eko Millionaire magazine
    "... was born in November 1999. This site does not limit itself to commercial offers due to the founders intentions, but it presents itself as a guide in the Italian Enological World. Whoever enters this site is transported and accompanied on a virtual journey inside the various regions and viticultural areas of the peninsula, on a discovery of the houses and wines proposed by the virtual wine house..."
  • January 25, 2001 – attachment "Panorama Web" in Panorama
    "... for brindisi doc it is sufficient to visit the cantinas of online which together with the best of Italian production proposes a selection of foreign wines¹ and collection bottles …"
  • January 18, 2001 - La Rassegna di Bergamo
    "... for over a year now, a period, which may seem very short for a common mortal, but a record since has been the second Italian commercial site dedicated to wine (...) cases of wine destined in all over Europe leave the warehouse ..."
  • December 21, 2000 – attachment "Panorama Web" in Panorama
    " ... introduces an offer, which of course is different every month ..."
  • December 15, 2000 at 6:30 pm - presented by RTL 102.5
    Nicoletta De Ponti interviews during the National Radio Broadcast "Password" on RTL 102.5
  • December 1, 2000 - Il Mondo
    ... is indicated by the experts as one of the best Italian sites for e-commerce. Of course this has to do with a specialized wine site, possibly of quality. Every month it proposes special offers. Moreover, the screensaver is inspired by the role that wine has had in the history of art ..."
  • December 2000 - magazine
    "... is a site which is dedicated to wine sale for all enthusiasts and connoisseurs. The catalogue assortment is very vast …"
  • November 16, 2000 - attachment "Web Address Book" in Panorama
    "... every single one of the 200 products proposed have been chosen by paying close attention to the small Italian producers who invest in quality ..."
  • November 2000 - Businet magazine
    "WINESHOP.IT - THE "NEW WINERY" – A specialized point of reference for quality drinking – About 220 labels, of which 98% are Doc and Docg, 50 producers present and 30,000 visitors a month. These are the numbers of, one of the most visited sites by wine connoisseurs. All you have to do is go to in order to enter a real on-line winery specialized in the sales of Italian wine and open to both producers and buyers ..."
  • October 19, 2000 - RAI TRE
    Carlo Massarini interviews during the national television program "Media Mente" dedicated to the new technologies. Click here to view the program.
  • October 12, 2000 - attachment "Sette" in Corriere della Sera
    "... some Italian operators such as don’t mark up the price of delivery, which can greatly affect the prices, especially if these wines are purchased from other continents..."
  • September 18, 2000 - Il Sole 24 Ore
    "... there’s a lot of optimism for, a virtual wine house which is specialized in offering hard to find wines purchased from small artisan producers. Wineshop has about ten orders per day and a great rhythm of expansion. It has invoiced 400 billion¹ since its birth (in November 1999) 30% of which abroad ..."
  • July 2, 2000 - attachment "Quotidiano Net" in Il Resto del Carlino, La Nazione, Il Giorno
    "... Wineshop aims at the small producers who often don’t reach the channels of traditional distribution and therefore they look to Internet: special productions for even finer palates ..."
  • May 4, 2000 - attachment "Web Address Book" in Panorama
    "... the site sells wine and extra virgin olive oil. The research may be carried out in a direct way (…) or you can let yourself be advised by the site ..."
  • May 2000 - Happy Web magazine
    "... wines for connoisseurs: you can purchase what you can’t find in the best stores, on the net … on the Bacco site: offers 180 Italian wines ..."
  • April 3, 2000 - RAI TRE
    Carlo Massarini interviews during the national television program "Media Mente" dedicated to the new technologies. Click here to view the program.
  • April 2000 - Commercio Elettronico magazine
    "... with an English name but provides a selection of Italian Wines. Small producers which give light to absolutely excellent wines, but whose popularity doesn’t often cross the boundaries of the region of origin ..."
  • April 2000 - "Vino On Line" book published by Hoepli
    "... in order to discover new itineraries which are capable of joining the beauty of nature, the splendor of art and the richness of gastronomical traditions to enology, we advise you to visit the site ..."