Barbera Project - The label

Ca del GrifoneOnly few months lie ahead of the debut date for our Barbera ‘Vigna Vecchia’. It is therefore time to choose the perfect ‘dress’ for this fine and elegant ‘lady’.


Vigna VecchiaOnly the creative hands of an expert tailor can perform such a delicate task. The right man is Gian Piero Camera, architect and teacher who for many years has fostered his passion for painting. Born just a few miles away from ‘Vigna Vecchia’, all his artistic work is inspired by the strong bond between his soul and his land. Monferrato, with its gorgeous landscapes and incredible colours acts for Gian Piero as an ideal compass to guide him through a constant and infinite introspective journey. Colour and trait are absolute protagonists in his way of painting and represent the tools with which he is able to explore a multitude of themes, often in delicate balance between the material and fantastic worlds. Gian Piero Camera has participated to many art expositions in Italy and abroad. He is currently working with Egea Records, an Italian discographic label known throughout the world for its Jazz productions. We asked Gian Piero to choose among his artistic productions 4 paintings having the Asti landscapes as central theme and which, according to his opinion, would be best suitable to become the perfect dress for such an elegant and refined Lady as the Barbera ‘Vigna Vecchia’ 2006 will be. Now we ask you to choose among these 4 works of art the one which will become the official label for this limited number of bottles exclusively produced for


Vigna VecchiaVoting is extremely simple. Just send an e-mail at and in the object type the name of the painting you choose. 


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