Molise: Biferno and Pentro

Carlo Barbieri

Our sommelier for Molise is Carlo Barbieri

Carlo is Sommelier A.I.S., he has decided to become Sommelier driven by a passion for wine and the fascinating world that revolves around it. He deals with environmental consulting, he lives and works in Molise.

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Even though Molise is the site of the first evidence of human civilization in Italy, unfortunately the same cannot be said for it's cultivation of wine. The first certain evidence of a stable wine culture in Molise come from the historian Galanti, and reemerged at the end of the 19th Century. Today, of all the regions, Molise is last in line in terms of wine production. It produces two D.O.C. wines: Biferno and Pentro.

Both wines can be white, rosé, or red, and are obtained from Trebbiano or Montepulciano grapes. The difference is in the area of production: the province of Campobasso produces the Biferno and the provincia of Isernia the Pentro.

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