Andrea Gaetano Gatti founder

Andrea Gaetano Gatti

Andrea Gaetano Gatti is the founder, majority shareholder and Managing Director of the company. He was born in Milan in 1962 and spent his youth and adolescence in Madrid, Spain where his family resided. He graduated from Electro-technical Engineering in Rome with merit and began his career in the technical sector of Italcable, the Italian international telephone operator. After moving to Milan, he opened in this city the international branch of MCI, the US carrier, launching its services on the Italian market. After becoming a director by the time he was 32 years old, he assumed roles of increasing responsibility in the field of sales and marketing in large multinational telecommunication companies such as France Telecom, Global One and Equant, leaders in their market. He is a qualified A.I.S. Sommelier and great connoisseur of Italian wine. In 1999, together with a group of friends, he founded WINESHOP.IT S.r.l. and has begun working full time on this project since the end of 2001, realizing his entrepreneurial dream. He lives in Ponteranica, north of Italy, he is married and he has two daughters.