Pecorino Vellodoro Umani Ronchi 2018

Pecorino Vellodoro Umani Ronchi 2018

This white wine, made from Pecorino grapes, produced in the heart of Abruzzo by a wine-maker rich of history, has intense aromas of fruit and flowers, with very clear mineral notes
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WineryUmani Ronchi
TypeWhite Wines
Wine zoneAbruzzo
Appellation or VinePecorino
CompositionPecorino 100%
Alcoholic Content12.5
Bottle typeBorgognona
Content (cl)75
Glass typeBurgundy White
The name of Pecorino grape variety, also known as “grape of the sheeps”, derives from the strong connection between sheep farming and agriculture, and the presence of this grape variety in the areas of shepherds’ transhumance. In the past this grape variety, thanks to its high aromas concentration, its good alcohol content, and even more thanks to its wonderful acidity which is the most distinctive characteristic of Pecorino, was used to improve the quality of wines produced with other varieties. Pecorino growing had almost disappeared because of its very low productivity, and varieties which were quality wise of a lower level, but which had a higher productivity, had been preferred to Pecorino. Umani Ronchi Pecorino Project started in 2005 and represents the new company front in its discovery and exploitation of Adriatic native varieties. Grapes are hand picked in September, paying the highest care not to lose their acidity content. After a light pressing, the prime must is rapidly cooled and then goes through static decantation. The alcoholic fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at a temperature of 16-18°C for about 10-15 days. The wine does not undergo malolactic fermentation. The wine rests in stainless steel tanks for about 4 months, in contact with its own yeasts.It has a bright straw yellow colour, it presents intense aromas of fruit and flowers to the nose, with very clear mineral notes, intense and persistent. On the palate it shows a good structure and a pleasant freshness, with ripen fruit and sapid hints.

The producer

Since the beginning of its history, Umani Ronchi has distinguished itself as a great interpreter of two of the most typical wines of the Marche region, Verdicchio and Rosso Conero. Massimo Bernetti, who since the 1990s has been joined in the management of the company by his son Michele, has created wines which are appreciated throughout the world, has renovated the vineyard stock and has refurbished the great winery at Osimo, but he is not yet satisfied and stubbornly insists on following the imperatives of a product of the highest quality. All this translates into serious work of experimental agronomy and vineyard care, and the adoption of the most advanced techniques of cultivation and vinification. In the last few years the growth of interest in the wines produced in the neighbouring region of Abruzzo led Umani Ronchi in 2002 to purchase a 30 hectare holding in the Teramane hills, a designated sub-area of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo appellation.

Best with

Ideal with fish dishes, fresh cheeses, pasta, and legume soups.

How to serve it

Serve at 10-12°C in a medium-sized trasparent crystal glass.

How to keep

Bottles should be laid horizontally in a cool, dark, humid wine cellar.


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