Best on-line wine shops 2015

The e-Performance Barometer is a survey conducted every two years by the Kedge Business School under the guidance of Prof. Grégory Bressolles. The paper examines the best e-commerce sites of wine in the world. To conduct the study they surveyed 3,000 internet users among Italian, French, English, German, Spanish, American, Australian and Chinese who evaluate sites based on seven criteria: relevance of information, ease of use, security and privacy protection, varieties of offer, level of customization and interactivity, reliability, design. Final result of the research is the international ranking of the best on-line wine shops. In the last 2015 edition of the ranking figure one Italian website,, which sits in eighth place. A little italic pride in this case does not hurt! For more information see the official website of E-Performance Barometer.

2015 international ranking of the best on-line wine shops