Vescovado del Feudo La Brugherata 2015

Vescovado del Feudo La Brugherata 2015

This wine reminds us of sweet mature apples and tropical fruit. This dry white wine is produced in Valcalepio by one of the best producers in the area
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WineryLa Brugherata
TypeWhite Wines
Wine zoneValcalepio
Appellation or VineChardonnay
CompositionChardonnay (90%), Pinot Grigio (10%)
Alcoholic Content12.5
Bottle typeBordolese
Content (cl)75
Glass typeBurgundy White
This wine is obtained from Chardonnay (90%) and Pinot Grigio (10%) grapes, which are cultivated on the hillsides of Scanzorosciate. The color is that of a strong yellow such as that of hay. Whereas the smell is that of sweet mature apples and tropical fruit. Its taste is full, savory and of great structure but at the same time it is balanced and soft.

The producer

La Brugherata is an agricultural company, which is situated in Scanzorosciate, on the outskirts of Bergamo positioned in an area of medium to high hillside. The total surface is of 10 hectares of which 5 are destined to the vineyards and one for the olive yard. The company is surrounded by rose-garden and Mediterranean fragrances, which form a plastic geometrical shape with the olive yard at the foot of it all. The objective of the company from the very beginning has been to obtain a limited production of great quality, which in time has proven to be a winning choice.

Best with

Hors d'ouevres, main course, fish or white meat dishes

How to serve it

Serve in transparent wineglasses at 10°C

How to keep

This is a white wine with a great structure therefore the conservation of the elements are prolonged in time, even if it is advisable to drink it within 2-3 years


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