Querciolaia Alicante Mantellassi 2016

Querciolaia Alicante Mantellassi 2016

Intense and fruity fragrance distinguish this red wine made from Alicante grapes on the Tuscan hills by a small family run company
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TypeRed Wines
Wine zoneScansano
Appellation or VineAlicante
CompositionAlicante 100%
Alcoholic Content14.5
Bottle typeBordolese
Content (cl)75
Glass typeChianti Classico
The wine tradition of this region goes back to the Etruscan period. In 1813 the Mayor of Scansano wrote a letter to the Vice Prefect of Grosseto saying that in the previous year 5540 hectoliters of superior quality wine was produced in the area of Scansano. In a study on the agricultural development in the province of Grosseto in 1884, G. Barbino claimed that "Scansano wines are exceptional and wines like this are only produced in very few areas". This Querciolaia comes from a careful selection of Alicante variety grapes which originate from the company's vineyard and which is found in Magliano, in the outskirts of Tuscany. The vinification comes about in very traditional steel tubs. The wine is then matured and thinned down in barriques for 13-16 months and for a few months in the bottle. It has a ruby red color, a very intense and fruity fragrance and a soft and harmonious flavor.

The producer

"Labor omnia vincit", this motto confirms its validity in the persistence and dedication of the work on behalf of the owners of the Fattoria Mantellassi in Magliano, Tuscany. The Mantellassi originated from Pistoia and moved to Scansano and Magliano in 1860 where they began the tradition of "potini" and "innestini". They have always been in the wine business and in 1960 they began the first plants for the first four hectares of vineyards in Banditaccia until they reached 50 hectares. Aleardo and Giuseppe Mantellassi, who are the owners of the Fattoria run all the departments of the company; the vineyard and the cellars, with the help, collaboration and experience of their father Ezio and of one of the technical staff directed by the oenologist Marco Stefanini. The Morellino di Scansano wine, obtained the Denomination of Controlled Origin, thanks also to the Fattoria which is its main production. It is also one of the most prestigious production companies.

Best with

It goes well with red meat and game.

How to serve it

Serve at room temperature in large transparent crystal glasses.

How to keep

Keep in a cool and dark cellar with a constant temperature making sure that it is in a horizontal position.


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