Pra Zenar Rodaro 2015 (50 cl)

Pra Zenar Rodaro 2015 (50 cl)

This wonderful white dessert wine, produced in the heart of Colli Orientali del Friuli by a small family company that pays careful attention to quality, is distinguished by a hint of dried figs, ripe peaches and violets and has a full, decisive, honeyed taste
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TypeDessert Wines
RegionFriuli-Venezia Giulia
Wine zoneColli Orientali
Appellation or VineVerduzzo Friulano
CompositionVerduzzo Friulano 100%
Alcoholic Content10
Bottle typeBordolese
Content (cl)50
Glass typeSauternes
This wine is the valued result of the careful and exclusive selection of grapes of the Verduzzo Friulano variety, grown on hillsides owned by a small family company. These vineyards benefit from a highly individual local climate. The grapes are collected when they are over-ripe and are then left to wither in small chests for three months. Fermentation is entirely malolactic. The wine is then refined in steel tubs. It is a strong golden yellow colour and has an aroma with a hint of dried figs, ripe peaches and violets. The taste is sweet, decisive, honeyed, with good tannins and full, full, full!

The producer

Rodaro is a small rural company in the heart of Colli Orientali del Friuli, north-east of Italy. The Rodaro family devoted themselves to grapevines cultivation since 1846. For almost a century the wine produced was sold by the family, which at that time ran a small rural osteria. They had to wait until the introduction of a tractor and several pieces of machinery in the 1960s before they could fully exploit the potential of their vineyard. In fact, up until this period all work in the vineyard was carried out by hand. The family's love of the land and their desire to do better has seen an increase not only in the amount of wine produced, but also in its quality. Their working techniques take into consideration two important factors for the production of quality wines: modern equipment and ancient wine-making traditions, with the result of a typically varied collection of wines that are highly individual for the area they come from and can often be aged for a long time. The company has a vine-growing area of about 60 hectares and all the grapevines are situated in best position, with a planting density of 4,000 - 5,000 vines per hectare. They are cultivated according to the traditional "cappuccina" system with 8 - 10 fruit-bearing buds per vine. The company also runs a small nursery where several varieties of vine in danger of extinction are raised. Buds are collected for breeding purposes from some of the oldest vineyards in the area. This practice means that species of vine which would otherwise no longer exist can be studied and cultivated.

Best with

This wine is an excellent accompaniment for fruit tarts or soft, medium-mature cheeses.

How to serve it

The wine should be served at 15 degrees centigrade in clear, transparent crystal goblets.

How to keep

If kept well, this wine has an average conservation period of ten years or more. The bottles should be laid horizontally in a cool, dark, humid wine-cellar.


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