Perricone del Core Feudo Montoni 2015

Perricone del Core Feudo Montoni 2015

From an ancient autochthonous grape comes this Sicilian red with notes of plum and jam that blend with hints of spices and liquorice - REVIEW
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WineryFeudo Montoni
TypeRed Wines
Wine zoneAlcamo e Marsala
Appellation or VinePerricone
CompositionPerricone 100%
Alcoholic Content13.5
Bottle typeBorgognona
Content (cl)75
Glass typeBordeaux Grand Cru
The Perricone is an ancient autochthonous Sicilian red grape, widely used until the late nineteenth century, but subsequently almost disappeared, as a result of the drop in consumption, and only recently returned to its former glory thanks to the perseverance of visionary producers. Feudo Montoni's Perricone Vigna del Core is made from the grapes of old vines located at 600 meters above sea level. The color is ruby red with light violet nuances. It shows notes of plum and jam and hints of spices and liquorice that blend together giving softness and roundness. It is refined for four months in barrels and four months in barriques.

Click here to download the review by Claudia Cataldo "Degustando: la prima volta con un Perricone"

The producer

Feudo Montoni was born in 1469 and is one of the most ancient wineries in all of Sicily. In the first Italian wine treatise, " De Naturali Vinorum Historia", dated 1595, Andrea Bacci wrote about Feudo Montoni: "… I found vines large as man, grew and were so fecund that the fruits of ten plants were enough to make a barrel of must, the wine was red, very potent, of pleasant nose and flavor and suitable of long conservation". Today the estate of Feudo Montoni extends for 80 hectares in the perfect center of Sicily at Montoni Vecchi (province of Cammarata). Owing to altitude, which ranges from 400 to 750 meters above sea level, and its geographical positioning, the lands of Montoni are uncontaminated and protected from any surrounding pollution. The perfect conditions for biological cultivation. Feudi Montoni estate belongs to the Sireci family since the 1800s.

Best with

Excellent with red meats, soups and medium-aged cheeses.

How to serve it

Serve in thin crystal clear glasses at 18-20 degrees Celsius.

How to keep

The bottles should be laid horizontally in a cool, dark, humid wine-cellar.


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