Perdaudin Passito Negro 2015 (37.5 cl)

Perdaudin Passito Negro 2015 (37.5 cl)

This wonderful white dessert wine, produced in the heart of Roero by one of the historical companies in the area, has an astonishing, full aroma with a distinct fragrance of ripe fruit, such as pears and redcurrants, and chestnuts. It has an aftertaste which is reminiscent of vanilla, aniseed and liquorice.
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TypeDessert Wines
Wine zoneRoero
Appellation or VineArneis
CompositionArneis 100%
Alcoholic Content15.5
Bottle typeBorgognona
Content (cl)37.5
Glass typeSauternes
The origin of this wine is in the perfect combination of the grapes produced by the Arneis species of grapevine, the climate and the land of the "Perdaudin" vineyard, which is intelligently managed by the wine-maker. The grapes are gathered in mid-September, a little earlier than the harvest at Arneis. This allows the healthiest grapes to be selected and laid out to dry. They are pressed in the winter and a thick stum, rich in sugar, is produced. Fermentation takes place in "Allier" barrels. It is a slow process which can last up to six or seven months. The Perdaudin Passito is bottled in November or December of the following year and sale begins the following March. It is a golden colour, which is made even warmer by an amber reflection. It has an astonishing, rich aroma with a distinct fragrance of ripe fruit, such as pears and redcurrants, chestnuts. It has a full, rounded and well-bodied taste with an aftertaste richly reminiscent of vanilla, aniseed and liquorice.

The producer

There are accurate historical references to this rural company located in Sant'Anna di Monteu Roero. The old register preserved in the historical archives of the municipality of Monteu Roero testifies that in 1670 the son of one deceased 'Audino', Giovanni Domenico Negro, owned a house with an oven, yard, winery and vines in the same area where the "Perdaudin" vineyard and smallholding is situated today. For centuries generations of the same family have developed their wine-making skills here. The Negro family have continued to cultivate their vines with the same enthusiasm and professionalism, harvesting precious bunches of grapes and producing agreeable wines year after year. Roero - the area where the Negro company is situated - is an area rich in factors essential for the production of quality wines. The climate is temperate-cold, with a good temperature range and relatively low humidity compared to nearby areas. The land, formed out of the remains of an ancient sea, is made up of sand (between 20% and 40%), a good percentage of limestone and a little clay, lending the soil a light and permeable structure. The wines that originate here have a pronounced aroma and complex structure - not heavy, but with a precise and unmistakable character. The wineries themselves are situated close to the Riveri holdings in the hamlet of Sant'Anna, and have been carefully equipped with modern technology that works alongside older tried and tested traditions. The result of this marriage between tradition and technology is a very agreeable wine, impeccable from the point of view of quality, rich in distinctive character, with a strong fragrance and complex structure, capable of winning approval both in Italy and on a world-wide scale.

Best with

This wine is an excellent accompaniment for dried fruit, well-structured desserts, mature cheese and cheese with herbs, but it should not be forgotten that it is good to drink, alone or in company, as a meditative wine.

How to serve it

This wine should be served at about 14 - 16 degrees centigrade. The best glasses to use are clear, transparent crystal goblets.

How to keep

If it's kept well, this wine has an average conservation period of seven to ten years. The bottles should be laid horizontally in a cool, dark, humid wine-cellar.


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