Passito di Pantelleria Solidea 2016 (50 cl)

Passito di Pantelleria Solidea 2016 (50 cl)

A great dessert wine obtained by Zibibbo grapes cultivated on the island of Pantelleria and withered in the sun
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TypeDessert Wines
Wine zonePantelleria
Appellation or VinePassito di Pantelleria D.O.C.
CompositionZibibbo 100%
Alcoholic Content14.5
Bottle typeBordolese
Content (cl)50
Glass typeSauternes
This wine is made using exclusively Zibibbo grapes, a variety of Egyptian grapes, also known as Moscato d’Alessandria o Moscatellone, introduced in Sicily by the Arabs. Only on the island of Pantelleria, Zibibbo is able to achieve the best quality: large, sweet berries, very intense perfume. Zibibbo vineyards are planted in the “alberello” (small tree) form and quality comes from the careful selection of the grapes, strictly hand-picked in the second decade of August. The grapes are then left to dry for three to five weeks in the sun. The grapes, after the drying process, are pressed and left to macerate with the fermenting must obtained from the grape harvest in September, in order to facilitate the release of perfumes and sugars. A very long and slow fermentation process will follow. After a short stay in oak barrels the wine will then be bottled. The color is golden yellow tending to amber and the flavor is intense, with extensive notes of dates, raisins and acacia honey. The palate is sweet, soft and persistent.

The producer

The Solidea company was born from a long family tradition handed down from father to son since the early ‘900 to the present day. The growth and commitment are confirmed by the success of the Solidea wines especially the Pantelleria sweet wine. Limited production allows working with traditional methods, passed down over centuries, which guarantee the unique quality of the products. With this process, the company produces its wines, which contain all the sun and the extraordinary flavor of an island.

Best with

A great dessert wine, which goes well with dry pastries.

How to serve it

Serve in transparent crystal chalices at 15° C.

How to keep

Keep the bottle horizontally in a cool and dark cellar at a constant temperature.


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