Ora da Re Barone Jacona della Motta 1932

A rare and unique wine, the last extraordinary 1932 vintage from the late Barone Jacona della Motta - CAN BE PURCHASED INDIVIDUALLY - REVIEW
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WineryBarone Jacona della Motta
TypeDessert Wines
Wine zoneSiracusa e Vittoria
Appellation or VineFrappato
CompositionFrappato, Calabrese, Grossonero
Alcoholic Content17
Bottle typeSpeciale
Content (cl)37.5
Glass typeSauternes Rosso
This unique vintage of 1932 marsala wine from Sicily was discovered in huge oak barrels in a Sicilian cellar that remained closed for more than 50 years due to a legal assets dispute. The cellar was part of the Mazzaronello estate, property of the late Barone Jacona della Motta. The well-known Italian wine writer Luigi Veronelli was so enthusiastic about this wine to call it a “monstrous” wine. According to Veronelli this wine outclasses the best long-aged Jerez or Madeiras and it is an impressive demonstration of the vine potential in Sicily. When this wine was tasted for the first time, nobody could believe that such an old wine could give so many sensations and of such intensity. Ora da Re has a “monk’s frock” colour and a smooth texture of a fine medium sherry with notes of caramel, toasted nuts and chestnut wood. It has a full, dry, robust, velvety, austere and well-proportioned taste and a very long and highly persistent finish. A beautiful and special wine. It comes in a beatiful wooden box, with a special numbered bottle designed by Giacomo Bersanetti and a nice booklet with the complete story (in Italian).

Click here to download the review by Gianluca Domenici "Sembra una favola, è un'Ora de Re"

The producer

Barone Jacona della Motta, Tenuta di Mazzaronello – Chiaramonte Gulfi (Ragusa)

Best with

We strongly recommend to drink this wine alone as a “meditation” wine.

How to keep it

This is a wine that can be aged for a very long time if kept in the right conditions, the bottle should be laid horizontally in a cool, dark, wine-cellar (if it has been kept for 56 years in barrels it can last for at least such a period in bottle!).

How to serve it

This wine should be served at 10 degrees centigrade, without decanting, in a clear, transparent crystal goblet.


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