Moscato di Scanzo Doge La Brugherata 2012 (50 cl)

Moscato di Scanzo Doge La Brugherata 2012 (50 cl)

A great passito produced by one of the best companies in Valcalepio, this rare red wine adequate for deserts, presents an intense and floral fragrance, sweet and cinnamon flavor
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WineryLa Brugherata
TypeDessert Wines
Wine zoneValcalepio
Appellation or VineMoscato di Scanzo D.O.C. G.
CompositionMoscato Di Scanzo 100%
Alcoholic Content14.5
Bottle typeSpeciale
Content (cl)37.5
Glass typeBurgundy Grand Cru
The Moscato di Scanzo is a red berry autochthonous vineyard, which grows on calcareous grounds, which derive from the decomposition of the rock, better known as "Sass de Luna". After the harvesting, the grapes are laid on mats in a conditioned locale in order to obtain a perfect withering and which lasts for at least three days. Afterwards the vilification requires two years of refinement before it can be put on the market. Its color is a bright ruby red with amber shades, its fragrance is intense and with a floral scent of roses, vegetables of sweet sage and cinnamon flavor as well as that of cooked fruit.

The producer

La Brugherata is an agricultural company, which is situated in Scanzorosciate, on the outskirts of Bergamo positioned in an area of medium to high hillside. The total surface is of 10 hectares of which 5 are destined to the vineyards and one for the olive yard. The company is surrounded by rose-garden and Mediterranean fragrances, which form a plastic geometrical shape with the olive yard at the foot of it all. The objective of the company from the very beginning has been to obtain a limited production of great quality, which in time has proven to be a winning choice.

Best with

In general it goes well with dry pastries, red fruit pies but it may be drunk alone as a meditative wine

How to serve it

Serve in transparent crystal glasses at 15°C

How to keep

The conservation of Doge is definitely superior to 10-15 years


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