Malvasia Bianca Nemesis Casale Mattia 2018

Malvasia Bianca Nemesis Casale Mattia 2018

A fruity scent, dry and fresh taste characterize this white wine produced in the heart of the Lazio region by a wine farm well-known for its great care in quality
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WineryCasale Mattia
TypeWhite Wines
Wine zoneFrascati
Appellation or VineMalvasia Bianca
CompositionMalvasia Bianca 100%
Alcoholic Content12.5
Bottle typeBorgognona
Content (cl)75
Glass typeAlsace
This white wine is made from the homonymous vine which has been cultivated on the sunny roman hills for centuries. It has a beautiful golden colour, an intense harmonic bouquet and elegant flavours. Thanks to its pleasant taste it is extremely versatile and it can be drunk with every kind of courses.

The producer

Casale Mattia has been founded by a family that has been working in the oenological field for generations. This choice is due to the aim of bringing back to a new splendor the wines of an ancient territory regaining their prestige and their tradition. The winery is located on the volcanic hills in the middle of Frascati production area, in a land that has always welcomed the cultivation of grapes since Roman age: the large number of ruins located in this farm are still a proof of this glorious past. Casale Mattia vinifies the grapes coming from its vineyards, in a new factory that makes use of the most modern techniques of wine-making.

Best with

It is a good aperitif. Thanks to its pleasant taste this wine is extremely versatile with every course.

How to serve it

Serve at 10-12 degrees centigrade in clear, transparent crystal goblets.

How to keep

The bottles should be laid horizontally in a cool, dark, humid wine-cellar.


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