I Sodi di San Niccolò Castellare di Castellina 2014

I Sodi di San Niccolò Castellare di Castellina 2014

Only native vines are used for this exceptional Supertuscan, given highest marks in all the guides, the flagship wine of Castellare, the interpretation of Sangiovese taken to it’s highest level - CAN BE PURCHASED INDIVIDUALLY
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WineryCastellare di Castellina
TypeRed Wines
Wine zoneChianti
Appellation or VineSangiovese
CompositionSangiovese (85%), Malvasia Nera (15%)
Alcoholic Content14
Bottle typeBordolese
Content (cl)75
Glass typeBordeaux Grand Cru
I Sodi di San Niccolò is the flagship wine of Castellare, being the Supertuscan which has always achieved the highest marks in the international guides. An exaltation of Sangioveto and Malvasia Nera. Aged for 24 months in the barrel and for at least an equivalent period in the bottle. Charismatic, refined, complex: these are the adjectives that best describe this wine. Of a beautiful deep garnet colour, reminiscent of violets, jasmine, rhubarb and also juniper and toasted almonds. Extraordinary palate, persistent, harmonious, finish with notes of mint balm and marjoram and a tannic grain of rare quality.

The producer

Castellare di Castellina is a winery of around 80 hectares in the heart of Chianti Classico territory at Castellina in Chianti. The vineyards comprise around 33 hectares facing south-east and are situated on the hills of a natural amphitheatre. At around 370 metres above sea level, the vines range between 5 and 30 years in age .The yield per hectare at Castellare is very low, in fact considerably lower than the specification for maximum yield as stated by D.O.C.G. Chianti Classico regulations. Optimum exposure to the sun, good drainage and a soil which combines limestone, galestro and a little clay, make for a wine that is well structured, intense and appropriate for long ageing in the bottle. In the late seventies the winery was bought by publisher Paolo Panerai. An immediate census of the vineyards was undertaken and the best specimens of Sangioveto, a native and noble variety of Sangiovese, and Malvasia Nera, a variety considered to give a particular character to vine, were chosen. An experimental vineyard was planted on the estate in collaboration with the Universities of Milan and Florence and the Institute of San Michele al’Adige allowing further research on the best clones as well as the propagation of selected vines with which to renew the vineyards. Every year an illustration of a different bird is reproduced on the labels of Castellare, chosen from those in danger of extinction and as a sign of the care taken by the company in relation to the natural environment. In fact, the use of herbicides, pesticides and all other chemical products is strictly avoided.

Best with

Stuffed pigeon, Tuscan liver pate, game, casseroles, red meat, mature cheeses.

How to serve it

It is advisable to open the bottle some minutes before serving, serve at 18-20 degrees in a transparent crystal stem glass.

How to keep

If stored well can normally be consumed up to 35-40 years, the bottle should be stored horizontally in a cool, dark and humid cellar.


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