Enantio Letrari 2007

Enantio Letrari 2007

Rucola and tobacco sensations which distinguish themselves with red fruit jam, this is what characterizes this red wine obtained from a rare vine
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TypeRed Wines
RegionTrentino-Alto Adige
Wine zoneTrentino
Appellation or VineEnantio
CompositionEnantio 100%
Alcoholic Content13
Bottle typeBordolese
Content (cl)75
Glass typeBordeaux Grand Cru
The Enantio is a vineyard with very antique origins, and autochthonous from the southern part of Vallagarina. The ampelographic comparison and the genetic traceability techniques allow us to identify among the "ancestors" of this vine variety the vitis silvestris, kind already present in the woods in the valley. The name Enantio derives from the writings of Plinio il Vecchio (I century a.d.), whom in his Naturalis Historiae made reference to Enantinae Uvae harvested in this part of the Retia, from which a "wild" wine having medicinal properties is obtained. In a near past this vineyard was appreciated by the Lagarini farmers for its natural resistance to common pathogen agents of the vineyards giving it great results. Cultivated on a large scale, it gave the base for red wines which made the Terra dei Forti from the Austro-Hungarian Empire famous. With the triumph of the international vineyards, the Enantio seemed destined to disappear and it is for this reason that a group of local producers gave way to a volunteer consortium which guarantees the type and quality of the product. The first studies carried out by Letrari regarding this vineyard go back to 1964 with numerous proof of micro-vinification even with the addition of Bordeaux grapes. Today their interpretation of the Enantio is aimed to enhance and value its unmistakable and unique primary notes through the pure vinification with a discrete and calibrated use of wood, which help tame the bold character of this wine. The compact ruby red colour highlights the great consistence of this wine. The fragrance is bold, delicate and unique with balsamic and fresh vegetable textures of rucola and tobacco which distinguish themselves on a background of red fruit jam. The wine presents itself with a remarkable structure with well defined and balanced tannins and flavour which give it a pleasant softness. The ending is long with a good aromatic persistence which bring to mind the red fruit jam and a delicate coco aftertaste.

The producer

This winery was established in the '70s by Leonello Letrari, helped by his wife Maria Vittoria, after a long good experience in other well-known wineries of the area. Today in charge of the winery are the sons, while Leonello has an advisor role. The 22 hectares of vineyards are located in different areas with different climatic conditions. The winery has been recently renewed and equipped with modern structures.

Best with

Ideal with wild deer stuffed, horse or veal meat stew, pasta dishes with meat sauces, cheese.

How to serve it

Open and leave to breathe before serving in a large wine glass at room temperature.

How to keep

It is a wine with great strength and character which will keep for at least 10 years and which will improve with age. The bottles should be laid flat in a cool, dark, humid cellar.


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