Dogliani Superiore Vigna Tecc Poderi Luigi Einaudi 2017

Dogliani Superiore Vigna Tecc Poderi Luigi Einaudi 2017

This great red wine is produced in the heart of Langhe by one of the oldest companies in the area. It has a characteristically fresh aroma with a vigorous hint of fruit. It is well-bodied with a strong woody taste that has a slightly bitterish finish
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WineryPoderi Luigi Einaudi
TypeRed Wines
Wine zoneLanghe
Appellation or VineDogliani D.O.C.G.
CompositionDolcetto 100%
Alcoholic Content14.5
Bottle typeAlbeisa
Content (cl)75
Glass typeBeaujolais Nouveau
This is a great wine for medium-term aging. It is red, with a purplish reflection and has a fresh aroma with a strong hint of fruit. It is well-bodied with a strong woody taste, pleasant tannins and a slightly bitterish finish. It comes from the careful mixture of dolcetto grapes from the most mature vines tended by Einaudi in "sorì" at Dogliani, where thinning out and harvesting are staggered in order to limit the yield. The wine is matured for a year in steel containers, and then for two months in the bottles, which gives it a rich, strong taste and great personality.

The producer

Poderi Luigi Einaudi is the oldest wine-making company in Dogliani. In 1897 Luigi Einaudi bought the San Giacomo estate in the Dogliani area. He was 23. The property, which included an old chapel and a ruined eighteenth century edifice, measured 40 "giornate piemontesi", which is about 15 hectares of land. It was bought for 32,351 lira, most of which was borrowed. The last land purchase took place when, at the age of 84, Einaudi bought 6 "giornate piemontesi" in Barolo. Ninety-eight of the one hundred and eight hectares of land owned by the company, are spread across the hills of San Luigi, Gombe and Santa Lucia in Dogliani. The other eight are in Barolo on hills of Connubi and Terlo Vie Nuove. Just over thirty hectares - the best land - is given over to vineyards. The rest is made up of cedar forests, mixed forests, hazelnut trees, and meadowland. The vineyards are entrusted to the care of employees who live in nine rural houses scattered around the property. The members of every household are responsible for tending their plot of land - a truly rural company. A new wine cellar has recently been built at one of these households. In order to assure a constant temperature and the correct level of humidity, it is completely underground. The wine is fermented in steel containers under carefully controlled temperatures. It is matured in small and medium-sized oak casks.

Best with

This eclectic wine is the ideal accompaniment to antipasta, first courses, roast, braised or well-done red meat, roast or stewed Mediterranean fish, and cheese.

How to serve it

Serve at a temperature of 18 degrees centigrade. The best glasses are clear, transparent crystal goblets.

How to keep

This wine is suitable for medium-term aging, but should be drunk within five or six years of purchase at the the latest. The bottles should be laid flat in a cool, dark, humid cellar.


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