Asti Spumante Marenco

Asti Spumante Marenco

This desert spumante, produced in the heart of Monferrato by an experienced company dedicated to quality, has a distinct aroma, typical of Moscato, and a fine, sweet aromatic taste.
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TypeDessert Wines
Wine zoneMonferrato Astigiano
Appellation or VineAsti Spumante D.O.C.G.
CompositionMoscato D'Asti 100%
Alcoholic Content6.5
Bottle typeChampagnotta
Content (cl)75
Glass typeSauternes
The origin of this D.O.C.G. wine lies in the careful selection of the best Moscato d' Asti variety grapes that are gathered from the vines owned by the proprietor of the company, which is situated the area of Strevi. The grapevines are cultivated using the classic Guyot system. Asti Spumante is made using a specialised technical procedure for decanting and filtering the must, which, after being held at low temperatures is subjected to re-fermentation in large sealed containers. It is a straw-colour or a faintly golden yellow and it can be distinguished by the distinct aroma typical of Moscato. It has a fine, sweet aromatic taste, with fine and long-lasting bubbles.

The producer

Marenco is a genuine family-run company, where family members are involved in every aspect of production: pruning the vines, looking after the cellars, bottling the wine. It is a modern company that has recently extended and re-equipped its wine-making facilities. The Marenco family have been proudly dedicated to the production of their wines for years, paying particular attention to quality. This has made their company one to which other wine-makers in the area turn to for advice.

Best with

This spumante is at its best with sweets and desserts at the end of a meal.

How to serve it

In order to appreciate this wine at its best the bottle should be taken out of the cellar and immersed for about half an hour in an ice bucket. The ideal temperature to drink this wine is 6 - 8 degrees centigrade. The bottle should be carefully uncorked making sure the wine does not gush out. The best glasses to use are clear, transparent crystal cup-like goblets.

How to keep

Like all spumanti this isn't a wine that improves with age and should be drunk within two years of purchase at the latest. The bottles should be laid horizontally in a cool, dark, humid wine-cellar.


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