Custoza Vigne di San Pietro 2015

Custoza Vigne di San Pietro 2015

An exceptionally fruity and aromatic white wine, produced on the hills of Garda, by one of the best producers of the area
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WineryVigne di San Pietro
TypeWhite Wines
Wine zoneBardolino e Custoza
Appellation or VineCustoza D.O.C.
CompositionTrebbiano 30%, Garganega 30%, Cortese 20%, Tocai 10%, Riesling 10%
Alcoholic Content12.5
Bottle typeBordolese
Content (cl)75
Glass typeBurgundy White
Fruity and aromatic white wine which derives from a mix of five wines produced from handpicked grapes that are fermented and left to mature in steel. It has a great ageing capacity. Its bouquet is large and it is persistent when in the mouth, the finale is clean and pleasantly bitter.

The producer

For the past 20 years, Carlo Nerozzi, architect and entrepreneur, produces DOC and IGT wines, from grapes taken from his vineyards grown on the moreniche hills south of lake Garda. It is less than 10 hectares with very large and well taken care of establishment. This gives the wine, personality, character and longevity without taking anything away from the balance and pleasure when drinking it. The company is a point of reference in its area and the wines can be found in very exclusive restaurants in the area. 50% of the production is carried out abroad in wineries and restaurants which look out for quality with great care. Since 2007 a new partner joined the company, Giovanni Boscaini, which brings his skill as well as 10 hectares of vines he owns in the Valpolicella area. We are expecting in the nearly future new wines under the same quality which is a must for this winery.

Best with

Its pleasant aroma, makes it suitable with hors d’oeuvres and fish plates as well as vegetables, meat and fresh cheese.

How to serve it

It must be served at 12°C in a medium sized transparent crystal glass.

How to keep

This wine should be conserved in a dark and cool place. It should be placed horizontally and it can last over 3 years with an interesting evolution.


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