Carignano del Sulcis Terre Brune Santadi 2014

Carignano del Sulcis Terre Brune Santadi 2014

A great red wine with a rich and intense bouquet, which bring marasca cherries as well as dried fruit to mind. It is produced in one of the best cellars in Sardinia - REVIEW
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TypeRed Wines
Wine zoneSulcis
Appellation or VineCarignano del Sulcis D.O.C.
CompositionCarignano, Bovaleddu
Alcoholic Content15
Bottle typeBordolese
Content (cl)75
Glass typeBurgundy Grand Cru
This wine is obtained from Carignano grapes, with the modest presence of Bovaleddu, which comes from very antique vineyards where the grapevines aren't grafted. But rather they are cultivated on saplings (Latin vineyards) in the best clayey and sandy areas of the lower region of Sulcis. The production is extremely modest per stem, (it does not exceed a kilo and a half) and it gives origin to musts of great richness. The grapes picked between the end of September and the beginning of October are harvested in stainless steel containers where the fermentation and maceration take place at a temperature of 25-28°C with pumping must over grape dregs and frequent airing. The maceration period is concluded within 15-16 days. The malolactic fermentation is precocious so much so that the wine is then put in new French oak barriques and the end of December for the evolution and the aging, which takes about 16 to 18 months maximum. It's complement is polymerised very well in this arc of time since the tannins of the peels are perfectly mature when the harvesting begins, thanks to the sun and the luminosity which is always present. The Terre Brune is not filtered; after it is decanted it passes very delicately in the bottle where it stays for about a year at a temperature of 14°C. It's colour is ruby red but tends to be more that of a pomegranate. The rich and intense bouquet, which bring marasca cherries as well as dried fruit to mind. The texture is full and intense and it has a great structure.

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The producer

Founded in 1960 the cellar now has about 300 contributing partners with vineyards in the municipality of Santadi, Villaperuccio, Nuxis, Giba, Piscinas, Masainas, Sant'Anna Arresi, Perdaxius and Tratalias for a total of 500 hectares at altitudes of maximum 250 metres above sea level and descending sweetly down to the marine littoral. The climate is fairly dry in the summer period, but the marine breeze abates the temperature in the hottest months. There is rainfall during the autumn-winter period. It is perhaps for this reason that Sulcis red wines are full, rich and so generous. In this area it is possible to observe the marvellous sand, which allows for foothill cultivation and it is here that you can pick marvellous Carignano grapes of, which only the sapling without the rootstock can produce with exceptional organoleptic characteristics and superior to other grapes.

Best with

Goes well with meat dishes, wild game and seasoned cheeses.

How to serve it

It is advisable to open the bottle two or three hours beforehand. It should be served at a temperature of 18-20 degrees centigrade. The perfect glass is a smooth and transparent crystal glass.

How to keep

This is a wine, which is greatly enhanced with age, and it has a better flavour after many decades. The bottles must be placed horizontally in a cool, damp and dark cellar.


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