Cagnulari Cherchi 2018

Cagnulari Cherchi 2018

This red wine is produced with great care by a small, family-run company from an old indigenous grape, called Cagnulari, it is fruity, rich with notes of cooked plums and black cherries
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TypeRed Wines
Wine zoneAlghero
Appellation or VineCagnulari
CompositionCagnulari 100%
Alcoholic Content13
Bottle typeBorgognona
Content (cl)75
Glass typeChianti Classico
This wine is made from the old autochthonous Cagnulari grape which is typical from the Usini area. Giovanni Cherchi has always tried to enhance this variety, which was almost extinguished, and he has been the first to produce a wine made solely from Cagnulari grapes. It has a deep ruby red colour. The bouquet is intense, persistent and fine. It is fruity, rich with notes of cooked plums and black cherries.

The producer

The relationship Giovanni Cherchi has with the land is unique. It is an intimate, close relationship, with love that expresses itself through continual care, respect and experience. The company's vineyards enjoy a unique geographical position among sweet Sardinian hills, which are exposed to the sun throughout most of the day and benefit from light breezes which come from the nearby sea. With picturesque names like "Pirapiglias" and "Sena and Sulumu", the grapevines cover about twenty hectares. The salient characteristics of this company are the traditions that are passed on from father to son and a never-ending search for even greater quality.

Best with

Good companion to the Italian antipasti, pasta, white meat and fresh cheese.

How to serve it

Serve at 16-18° C in a smooth transparent crystal glass.

How to keep

The bottles should be placed horizontally in a cool, dark, humid cellar.


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