Bas Armagnac Le Légendaire Tariquet

Bas Armagnac Le Légendaire Tariquet

This is an exquisite Eau de Vie at its prime which will overwhelm all connoisseurs of Bas Armagnac - CAN BE PURCHASED INDIVIDUALLY
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Armagnac is the most ancient and honoured wine spirit of France. During the XVIth century, it was sold in pharmacies as "medicine". From the 1700, Armagnac was aged in oak cask. Today, the blending of spirit in oak continues to give birth to the most prestigious spirit of France. There are three production areas in the region of Armagnac : Bas-Armagnac, Téranèze and Haut-Armagnac. Bas-Armagnac holds the reputation for producing the best Armagnac spirit, its capital - Eauze - is also the capital of Armagnac. Since 1683 the Château du Tariquet and its vineyards have produced one of the greatest Armagnac of the region. Their Armagnacs originate exclusively from the vineyards of the Château; grown on the Domaine, they are matured and bottled in their cellars. Owner-harvesters, the Grassa family controls all the operations: vinification, distillation, maturing, vintage selection, blending and bottling therefore guaranteering the quality and authenticity of the product.
Tasting the “Le Légendaire” Bas Armagnac from Domaine Du Tariquet the first aromas on the nose are ripe with crystallized fruits and hints of spices, a sign of a very complex Armagnac. After allowing to breathe, the aromatic nuances are prominent and reinforce the bouquet of crystallized oranges and musk. After allowing to breathe for 10 to 20 minutes, a secondary nose endorses maturity, restrains the esters and brings a feminine softness. Well structured with full aromas, the tannins are very mellow, the total harmony between fruit and oak captivates and gives progressively flavours of dried figs and prunes. The finish is magical, very pure, long lasting with lingering sweetness. This is an exquisite Eau de Vie at its prime which will overwhelm all connoisseurs of Bas Armagnac.
Content: 70 cl Alcohol: 42% vol.


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