Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio Rosso Cantina del Vesuvio 2014

Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio Rosso Cantina del Vesuvio 2014

A very special red wine that is born at the foot of one of the few active Italian volcanoes from vineyards planted in the black ground full of lava according to the methods of organic farming
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WineryCantina del Vesuvio
TypeRed Wines
Wine zoneVesuvio
Appellation or VineLacryma Christi del Vesuvio D.O.P.
CompositionPiedirosso 100%
Alcoholic Content12.5
Bottle typeBordolese
Content (cl)75
Glass typeChianti Classico
The Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio has rightfully won a place in the annals of Italian winemaking, and is acknowledged and praised throughout the world. "Haec iuga quam Nysae colles plus Bacchus amavit" (Bacchus loved these hills more than his native hills of Nisa) wrote Martialis, since the grapes from this area have an unmistakable flavour and aroma. The reputation of this wonderful part of the world and its wines has inspired myths and legends: recognizing in the Gulf of Naples a patch of sky stolen by Lucifer, Christ began to cry, and where his tears fell there grew the vineyards of this famous wine. Curzio Malaparte refers to the legend in "La pelle", inviting us to drink "this sacred, ancient wine". It comes from Piedirosso grapes harvested by hand in vineyards planted on volcanic black soil. The typical aroma reminds the violets and brooms that grow on the slopes of Vesuvius. The taste is full-bodied, soft and persistent.

The producer

Cantina del Vesuvio is located in the municipality of Trecase, in the province of Naples, right in the heart of the Vesuvius National Park. This is a magical place, with wonderful natural scenery and breath-taking views. Maurizio Russo began his project by producing wines, following in the footsteps of his father, Giovanni, who first established the family business back in 1951. The vineyards are spread over 11 acres of volcanic soil facing south, at 200-300 meters above sea level, with a typical black color given by the fragments of lava. Cantina del Vesuvio uses an organic method of cultivation, in line with European Community Regulation 834/2007.

Best with

Excellent with roasts, game and strong cheeses.

How to serve it

To be served at 18 Celsius in smooth and transparent crystal glasses, it is recommendable to uncork the bottle one hour before serving.

How to keep

Store the bottles horizontally in a cool and dark cellar.


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