Grillo ZollaSolare Zanovello Sicilia 2018

A persuasive, floral, mineral white wine result of the passion and commitment of the Zanovello family in Sicilian lands
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WineryZanovello Sicilia
TypeWhite Wines
Wine zoneAlcamo e Marsala
Appellation or VineGrillo
CompositionGrillo 100%
Alcoholic Content12.5
Bottle typeBordolese
Content (cl)75
Glass typeBurgundy White
Persuasive, floral, mineral, Grillo lives only in the north-west of Sicily. It was once all destined to the "solere" for making Marsala, now it tells about its land full of heat and flavor as an important white for fish pairings.

The producer

The company was born from the passion and commitment in Sicilian lands of the Zanovello family, which owns the well-known winery Ca 'Lustra in the Colli Euganei. The vineyards, with Guyot training, are located in the district of Costa di Bisaccia, near the village of Grisì in the province of Palermo, on hills of mostly dolomitic ground with a significant presence of calcareous sand, at 300-380 meters above sea level.

Best with

For its flavor, floral and mineral aromas of great finesse and persistence, this is a perfect wine for important fish preparations.

How to serve it

Serve in thin crystal clear glasses at 10-12 degrees Celsius.

How to keep

Store in a dry, cool and preferably dark place.


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