Dolcetto d'Ovada Montobbio 2017

This red is produced by a small high quality wine producer in the heart of the Monferrato, it is characterised by its pleasant almondy undertones, fruity aroma and a soft yet intense character
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TypeRed Wines
Wine zoneAlto Monferrato
Appellation or VineDolcetto d'Ovada D.O.C.
CompositionDolcetto 100%
Alcoholic Content13.5
Bottle typeBordolese
Content (cl)75
Glass typeBeaujolais Nouveau
Despite its sweet-sounding name, Dolcetto is in fact a dry red wine. "Dolce" can mean not only "sweet" but also "soft" and the wine takes its name not only from the sweetness of the grape but also from the "softness" of the gentle hills where the vines are cultivated, called "dusset" probably deriving from the Latin "dulcis" meaning soft or soothing. Produced entirely from Dolcetto grapes harvested a little earlier than other grape varieties, this wine is unmistakable. It is a deep rich ruby-red colour with a deeply fruity nose and a slight bitter almond twist. Soft but well-balanced wine with little acidity, it has an intense character.

The producer

Armando and Aurelio Montobbio are the owners; they are twins, both oenologists, in a way to tie the most rationalized techniques with the ancient wine-making traditions. Montobbio's family is linked from different generations to the good quality wine world, and on their ancestors way, Armando and Aurelio keep on searching to increase more and more the absolute quality.

Best with

Although ideally suited to any meats (white or red), cooked vegetables, this is a good all-round wine that will lend itself to any meal.

How to serve it

Serve at between 18 and 20°C in a clear, thin crystal glass.

How to keep

Carefully laid down, the wine will keep for four to five years. The bottles should be laid down flat in a dark place at the correct level of humidity.


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